Dogman Training

What To Expect In A Dogman Training

If you are currently jobless, you can always apply as a dogman. Even if you have not finished your academic studies, you can still apply as a dogman as long as you have a dogman training. But first of all, do you know what a dogman is? A dogman is someone who assists a crane operator in which most of the time, sitting on the crane’s load. It means that the dogman should know the signals and at the same time should also know how to instruct the crane operator through signals since voices will be of not much use in such environment. You should know though that even in this kind of job, competition is tough because there are more people like you who have a hard time finding a job and they might also realize that being a dogman is all they can do.

Here are the things that you can expect after undergoing a dogman training:

– After the dogman training, you should be able to understand the different hand signals that are usually used in a dogging and rigging environment. These signals will be your communications with the other workers in this area especially with the crane operator. Not only that, you should also be able to know how to use fixed 2-way radios.


– You should also at the same time be able to calculate just in your mind the right amount or weight that will be loaded to a particular lifting equipment so that accidents like damages on the equipment will be avoided. Note that the crane operator cannot help you in this aspect since he will even hardly see the loaded cargoes. It will be your responsibility then to know if the loaded cargoes will be enough for a trip.

– You need to also understand the different slinging techniques in different situations. At the same time, part of your responsibilities as well being a dogman is to know what kind of lifting equipment to use depending on the cargoes that must be transported.

– You must easily understand the provided instructions and then you also need to provide assistance to the crane operator in terms of directions since there will be a lot of times when his views will be blocked by the loaded cargoes.

– You should be able to identify hazardous situations and know the involved risks that are connected with the operations.

– Yes, the bottom line of the dogman training is for you to be an effective assistant to the crane operator as he cannot effectively deliver his duties without an effective dogman.

This is why, without the dogman training Sunshine Coast, you can hardly be hired. But if you have already taken this training before like maybe you are already an experienced dogman, then maybe you just need to be updated. Note that the number of days in the dogman training will depend on your capability to easily understand. But the price will still be the same whether you will get through this earlier or longer.