Christmas Cards

Why But Charity Christmas Cards

christmas-treeAre you planning to buy charity Christmas cards this coming holiday seasons? If you are then good for you! As they say, to give is better than to receive. This is really true at times. Try giving something to people whom you know will appreciate what you give and you will really feel happy. Buying charity cards is just one way to help other people and if you think you are so blessed the entire year, then why not share to the needy at least once a year? In doing so, you will also make other people know that you are thinking about them through the charity cards they will receive and at the same time, you have also helped a lot of people who are really in need. Yes, we can’t help all those needy people as we don’t have the capability but at least we can help some of them in our own small way.

If you are curious about how charity cards work, here are some facts about them:

– About 40 – 60% of the price of the charity card should be given to the chosen charity. However, this will greatly depends on the seller. If you want to make sure that your chosen charity will benefit more, then check out online for those sellers who give more to them like about 50 cents for every card.

– Just because they are charity Christmas cards, they are poorly designed. That is really not the case as if you will check the online sites of some of those providers, you will see that you actually have many options when it comes to this aspect.

– When ordering online, just like when you will buy any product online, you can use your credit cards and trust that it will be safe. They will never divulge your identity as they value their clients so much.

– As much as possible, the cards will be dispatched the day you made the order but there are also times when they will be dispatched on the next working day.


– The cards can be sent wherever you want them to be sent. It doesn’t have to be sent to your billing address all the time.

– You can also send cards abroad as most providers will deliver overseas using trusted carriers.

– There is a very low chance that you will get the same card from the other year as every year, they update the designs of their charity cards.

– You can purchase any number of cards that you prefer, however, if you want to avail of their freebies, then you need to buy their required minimum number of cards.

– You can also customize your ordered cards like you can input your company logo, the greeting text, a digital signature and many others.

– The name of your chosen charity will be printed in the inside part of the cover of the card.

– You can also preview your ordered card if you will do it online.

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