Plantation Shutters

Why Should We Install Plantation Shutters

Window coverings provide homeowners privacy and protection. Window coverings could protect you from the harsh sunlight and damaging rays. Many homeowners choose indoor shutters because of their neat appearance and overall functionality. There are two types of plantation shutters to choose from you could either have traditional or plantation shutters for your home, they both have great advantages. You can choose the perfect shutter that would suite your taste and preferences. There are a variety of window coverings that are available to choose from, including curtains, shades and blinds. One of the best choices for window coverings is the plantation shutter, because they are versatile, they do not cost that much money compared to custom draperies, and they can enhance the look of your home.

Plantation shutters are usually placed on a kitchen window. They are usually made of wood, but its construction can be made out of synthetic. Wood shutters vary and are available in a choice of colors, depending on the manufacturer, but are almost always white. When you go out and decide to purchase your own plantation shutter, it’s vital to discern if you are purchasing custom Roller shutters that are built for your windows or if the company will have to get stock panels and cut them down to appropriate fit, but the prices are very similar. Both types of shutters can be installed either inside or outside the window frame, an inside installation gives a neater appearance and accurate fit.

“Traditional” shutters are not the same as plantation shutters. They have the smaller, narrower louvers and are more often found in the New England states. Traditional shutters are rarely installed today since the trend is toward letting in lots of light and keeping the view open to the outside.

Traditional Shutters VS Plantation Shutters

Traditional style shutters, they are sometimes known as Colonial shutters, invented in the New England states as an insulating window covering, and have been used in homes of the Northeast ever since the pre-Revolutionary period. While plantation shutters originated in the Old South and was used in plantation homes. They were placed outside of the homes to use as window coverings as protection from the heat and sun. Today they are used in homes all over the world as a window covering inside the houses. They are considered a more fashionable window treatment than traditional shutters. When unfastened, plantation shutters offer a good outlook on the outside view and let in plenty of light. When shut, the shutters give great privacy and block out unwanted light and heat from the sun.

When plantation shutters are closed, they offer warmth, privacy, and protection from what is bothering you from the outside that your window is unable to block out. And when they are opened, they offer a sense of openness while you enjoy watching the most spectacular and breathtaking views outside of your homes. Plantation shutters really are the right window coverings to add to warmth, safety and design to any home.