Last Will

Why You Should Make A Will

Though of course it is quite sad to think that you have to make a will as it means that when the will is read, you are not in this world anymore, but still you really have to. Admit it, we will not last in this world. Sad as it may seem but there is really nothing we can do except to accept and adjust in this world. Once you aged like around 70 or even 60, and you have a number of properties, then you should make a will or the government will be the one to distribute your assets. Well, if you have a spouse, she will be automatically become the administrator and the owner of your properties and the kids of course. But as to how it is divided to your kids, it will be up to the remaining spouse. But if you want to have a say in this matter, then you should make a will while you still can.

That is right as we really don’t know what will happen in the future. Might as well deal with the things you still need to deal with and have a peace of mind. Here are some of the topmost benefits if you will make a will with the presence of wills of course:


– First reason is because of the fact that you really don’t know what will happen or when you will be gone. If you love your family and you don’t want them to fight about the properties you left behind, then you should make a will. It should be in the presence of a competent probate lawyer so that everything should be valid. Note that this lawyer will also be the one to be there for your family while they are grieving because you are gone thus it is important you choose a reliable one.

– Making a will while you are still able will give you the chance to really be the one to decide who will get them. If you won’t, as what is mentioned above, the remaining spouse will be the one to direct them and if you don’t have a spouse left, then your kids will surely be fighting for them. For sure you don’t want that to happen thus you should hire a probate lawyer and make the will.

– Not only that making a will can make direct you as to who will get your remaining assets but at the same time, you will also have the chance to leave instructions as to who will take care of your kids if you have small ones left. Like for example if you still have grade schoolers, then someone should be attending to them until they reach the right age.

There are already a lot of stories about how relatives and even siblings fight each other because of some properties left by their parents. If you don’t want this to happen, then hire a legal service and make a will for them to abide.